We believe that the logical service standard for any successful family should be a professional, family office experience, delivered at an effective cost.  For that reason, we created Garrison Murphy Wealth Management to serve as a multi-family office to families seeking a transparent, professional approach.

Starting from scratch, we built a boutique, transparent, fiduciary-minded organization to serve the complex needs of successful families and for our foundation, we took the opportunity to eliminate the common industry practices and behaviors that inhibit delivery of the client experience we would want for our own families if the roles were reversed.

On this clean foundation we apply an open-architecture approach to everything else we do because we believe that experts abound on all subjects but the probability of finding them in one place is very low.  This transparent, conflict-free structure is ideally suited to meet the objectives that matter to you, with our team coordinating the activities of well-vetted professional partners as the fiduciary for your family.

At Garrison Murphy Wealth Management we are a fiduciary to you in all respects, with a legal and ethical obligation to act exclusively in your interest at all times, in all circumstances, and without exception.  We also believe that your family should always work directly with the key decision makers, so we employ no intermediaries and all interaction is handled directly by our owners/executives.  

Regarding investment and any other needs, we have no proprietary products to sell and no hidden expenses.  Our overall investment process and each client’s portfolio is handled directly by our Chief Investment Officer and we select only the most cost-effective, institutional-quality investment options across public and private markets to build your portfolio.  

We receive no compensation of any type from the managers chosen, nor do we receive or pay any referral fees.  We have no “approved list” composed of managers that have agreed to pay us to be on such a list.  No compensation is earned by us personally for any investment used in your account, ever.

We do not earn commissions for products or advice used by our clients.  The outside partnerships we created, to facilitate regular insurance reviews, to provide ongoing family governance advice, for corporate trustee services, securitized lending needs, and the custody and safekeeping of assets, all arose from our due diligence and respect for the quality of work performed by the firms involved and we receive nothing from the fees charged to our clients by those firms for their services.  

We elected not to build fixed partnerships for other services such as private banking, accounting, and legal work that include an ongoing and often close, personal relationship for the client because we believe you may prefer that we work closely with your current provider.  For those with a need but no satisfactory existing relationship, we will make several recommendations that you can evaluate to achieve the best overall fit.

Just for fun, try running those last five paragraphs by any other firm in the industry and see what exceptions come up. 

This is the process that drives Garrison Murphy Wealth Management.  When you choose our fiduciary, open, transparent, and integrated process for your family office, you will experience the benefit of our in-house expertise, best-in-class partnerships, modern technology, and focus on after-tax, after-fee results.