The “Family Office”

At Garrison Murphy Wealth Management, we believe that successful families should have access to a family office experience, delivered at an effective cost.  

The wealthiest families in our country have historically created private family offices to manage their financial affairs and free them to pursue other passions.  These offices are staffed with professionals capable of handling the complex interaction among the family’s business interests, income needs, financial planning, investment management, tax implications, legal work, and family governance.  

In addition to a fiduciary standard of care in all matters, a family office typically features active collaboration between all professionals involved, leading to well-researched decisions reached free of conflict and implemented with complete transparency; wide flexibility in the sourcing and selection of institutional-quality investment options across all markets;  a singular focus on the preservation and growth of the family’s financial resources, over time and after-tax; useful and mobile reporting to track progress against objectives;  and finally, an emphasis on family governance to actively engage the next generations so that not just the money will pass on, but also the family’s sense of unity and shared values that endow that financial legacy with ongoing meaning.

While the expense of such a specialized staffing arrangement puts it beyond the effective reach of all but a few, we believe that the concept of a family office, professionals working together, solely in your interest, under a legal and ethical fiduciary obligation to you, is not too much to ask for any investor. 

The “Multi-Family” Office

Beyond those few ultra-wealthy families, a far larger number of successful families, which we define simply as those who have built a financial legacy likely to last beyond the first generation, often seek most of the same services but can’t justify the cost of private staffing.  

In these cases, families wishing to avoid generic, conflicted approaches from large financial institutions often turn to a multi-family office which, as the name implies, provides the integrated services desired while spreading the cost among all the families managed by that office.  

The focused and highly personalized service level is maintained by keeping the total number of clients within reason and due to the much lower overhead expense incurred by a multi-family office, the resulting cost per family may be similar to, or less than, that charged by larger institutions.

“Your” Family Office

This multi-family office experience is the heart of Garrison Murphy Wealth Management.

We work with a select group of successful families and combine in-house expertise, out-sourced partnerships, and modern technology to offer the transparent, integrated, and fiduciary experience of a family office at an effective cost.
Our goal is to work with your family to integrate all aspects of your financial life into one readily accessible place and to deliver the preservation and growth of your financial legacy, through time, and across generations.  

Our Fees

We believe in complete transparency with our clients and in the absence of any custom arrangement we might reach, the fee for delivery of our fully-integrated wealth management services is based on the assets under management by our firm.  We earn zero additional compensation beyond the schedule below from any activity or other arrangements arising from your relationship with us.

A full discussion of our fee structure can be found in Garrison Murphy Wealth Management’s current written disclosure statement discussing business operations, services, and fees which is available on the SEC’s website at or you may contact us to request a copy.

Assets Under Management    Annual Fee
    Up to $5,000,000                  0.75%
     Over $5,000,000                  0.50%