A “Family Office”

The wealthiest families often create private “offices” to manage their financial affairs, freeing them to pursue deeper passions. These offices, staffed by professionals dedicated solely to the family, handle the complex daily web of financial management, business interests, tax, and legal work.

A purposeful emphasis blends purely financial efforts with engagement of the next generations so that the family’s unique history and shared values may endow their financial legacy with meaning beyond the money itself, and leave heirs prepared to steward their gifts.

While the expense of this staffing arrangement puts it beyond the effective reach of most, we believe that the concept of a family office, professionals working together, in your interest, under a legal and ethical obligation to you, is not too much to ask for any investor.

A “Multi-Family” Office

Wealthy families that can’t justify the cost of private staffing but still wish to forego the generic and conflicted approach at large financial institutions can turn to a multi-family office.

As the name implies, these firms bring the focus and integrated service model of a family office to a limited number of families at a cost per family that is equivalent to, or less than that of a large institution.

Your Family Office

This multi-family office experience is the heart of Garrison Murphy Wealth Management.

We work with a select group of successful families to offer the transparent, integrated, and fiduciary experience of a single-family office at an effective cost.

We exist to support your financial legacy - through time, and across generations.